Photography isn't just a gig—it's my heart and soul, my daily dose of zen. Handing over images to clients and watching their faces light up is better than a double shot of espresso, or that happy juice that flows through after a good workout.  Seriously, it's like Christmas morning on repeat. 

Every time a new wedding booking comes my way, I still feel that rush of excitement, just like when I first dipped my toes into this wild world of photography. It's the universe's way of saying, "You're right where you're meant to be."

As for my style, think of it like your trusty pair of jeans—authentic, with just the right amount of WOW. I'm all about crafting images that'll age like a fine wine or your favorite '80s movie—no trendy filters, just pure, timeless goodness that you'll be showing off for decades to come.


Meet Christy

Our Mission

We're like love's personal paparazzi, not just snapping pics but creating custom-made adventures for every duo we meet. Our passion? Conjuring up a warm and whimsical vibe where every second is like a precious gem. Armed with an obsession for the nitty-gritty and a knack for flawlessness, we're here to outdo your highest expectation. So when all's said and done, you'll not only have breathtaking photos but a treasure trove of memories!